Aerials Classes at Airborne!

North Georgia Aerials at Airborne Canton

In an effort to bring multiple options to our customers at Airborne Canton, we recently partnered with North Georgia Aerials to bring a fun new way to #GETAIRBORNE! These classes are designed for all ages and abilities, leaving room for anyone to give Aerial Silks and Acro a try!

Most of the first time classes require a simple text reservation before you come. Don’t be shy about giving it a try, we’ve got a class that suits just about everyone! North Georgia Aerials at Airborne Canton

Quick definitions:

Aerials: learning to move in silks, sling and trapeze
Acro: playing airplane on someone’s feet plus so much more.

Aerial Class Schedules

If you’re interested in any of the aerial or acro classes, here’s a full schedule of everything offered here at Airborne:

Monday (Here at Airborne Canton)

3-4pm – Kids under 8 Aerials  (requires reservation)
4-5pm – Kids 8-13 Aerials  (requires reservation)
4-5pm – Family Acro  (requires reservation)
5-6pm – Mixed Level Aerials
6-7pm – Performance Team
6-7pm – Mixed Level Aerials
7-8pm – Family Acro
7-8pm – Intro to Aerials (requires reservation)

Thursday (Here at Airborne Canton)

4:30-5:30pm – Kids Aerials
5-6pm – Level 1-3
6-7pm – Mixed Level Aerials
6-7pm – Intro to Aerials (requires reservation)

More about North Georgia Aerials’ Owner, Amy Powell

North Georgia Aerials’ owner, Amy Powell, has been doing aerials for 18 years. Currently, she teaches classes at her studios in Woodstock and Canton, Georgia, as well as trains other aerial Directors and advanced aerialists both at her own studio and in other cities around the Southeast.

Before starting North Georgia Aerials, Amy was the founder/owner/director of Chattanooga Aerials, where she taught classes to the public as well as trained dancers for Grounded High Aerial Dance Ensemble weekly.

Amy has had the opportunity to train and work with notable dancers and continuously performs for various events and/or with other dance companies in the southeast. She performed on dance trapeze, aerial fabrics, aerial cube, lyra, bungee, slings, tetra, as well as in acrobalance and floor dance routines.

If you have more questions about the Aerials classes, please contact Amy Powell on her Facebook page at North Georgia Aerials – they are on Facebook and Instagram. Give them a follow to stay up-to-date on the latest classes and offerings.

Teen Nights at Airborne

Here at Airborne Canton, we understand the importance of a place where teenagers can hang out. A “cool” place that’s approved by Mom and Dad. For that reason, we started our monthly Flight Club, a once-a-month opportunity for teenagers in and around Cherokee County to meet and hang out.

Why is it called Flight Club?

The first rule of Flight Club? (We’re kidding!) Truthfully? We liked the name! We tried to come up with something catchy enough for our brand, that would also appeal to teenagers.

What do Airborne’s Flight Club Teen Nights Offer?

When creating our teen nights, we had a few specific goals in mind:

A Place for Live Music: At each Flight Club event, we’ll have rotating music and themes to keep things interesting for the teens who attend. The last thing we want is an event that’s repetitive and boring.

A Place to Connect and Inspire: Our goal is to offer a place for teens to connect with each other, and in some cases, inspire each other. So much can happen in an environment that feels safe and welcoming–and we feel very strongly about that.

A Safe Space with Parents in Mind: Here in Cherokee County, there aren’t very many places for teenagers to go and hang out–face to face. We believe in human connection and wanted to provide a safe, clean place to nurture that.

What’s the best way to stay up-to-date with us on Flight Club and all our other events? Sign up for our newsletter, or follow along on Facebook and Instagram!

First, thank you to everyone who engaged with our Airborne FIT video on Facebook! We were absolutely floored at the amount of interest we received, and we’re excited to announce that we’re offering a FREE class open to everyone who’s interested! Here are the details:

Airborne FIT Trampoline Fitness Class

The first class will take place on Thursday, February 28th from 9:30-10:30am. The class is open to the first 30 people who come through the door–first come, first serve.

For our team, Airborne FIT isn’t just a trampoline class. We’re a community of people who are willing to be fearless, impassioned and transformed! Our instructor Adrienne has been teaching fitness classes for over 20 years, and we’re excited to have her as part of this vision here at Airborne.

These classes are a high-intensity, low-impact combination of strength training and cardio. They’re a great option for anyone with a bad back or bad joints, designed to build muscle in addition to a maximum calorie burn of between 600-1,000 calories. Phew!

Future Classes: FAQs

Will you offer additional times/days? Yes. For now, we’re limited to mornings, but we will be offering evening and weekend classes for those of you who are unavailable at those times. 

Pricing: Our class on 2/28 is FREE. Future pricing for upcoming classes is still TBD.

Dress code/clothing: Dress how you would for another fitness class – soft, comfortable, breathable fabric is great.

What to bring: A small towel and water bottle.

We’re looking forward to creating more connections here in Canton as we continue to offer innovative ways to stay active. For more information on our upcoming fitness classes, or any of the other offerings here at Airborne Canton, follow our updates on Instagram and Facebook!

Host a party at Airborne Canton

When we opened Airborne, we knew we wanted our birthday parties to be different. We wanted to provide a unique and memorable experience for both the child and their parents. It can be stressful to book a birthday party for a kid so when we were putting together our packages (as parents ourselves), we put them together with our past experiences in mind. We all have to attend these parties, so why not make it something that WE would actually want to attend?

Our Birthday Parties are the Ultimate VIP Experience

From the first moment you book your celebration to the last moment your party host assists you with loading your gifts into the car, the Flight Team aims to make sure you feel like a VIP. Our party coordinator receives a notice that you have either booked online or in person and she begins arranging the perfect room for your special event. A lot of details go into to making sure that even though there may be other parties going on, you and your birthday boy or girl will still feel like the only VIP at Airborne Canton. Here are a few more reasons that Airborne Canton’s parties and events rise above the rest.

VIP Treatment: When the birthday guest of honor walks through our door on their BIG day, they are truly treated like a VIP. This includes designated parking in the VIP parking lot, a private party room, AND a personal party host. All birthday parties include catering by Purpose Snackery™ , providing party guests with made-to-order pizza crafted with the best ingredients. Guests are also welcome to bring in their own cake or cupcakes. We recommend Holy Cannoli Cakery for all of your baking needs!

Gifts from Airborne: Each birthday guest of honor will receive an Airborne Canton performance tee, a BPA-free water bottle, a free jump pass, and more!

Choices: Our party guests have the choice of a one-hour jump time or a two-hour jump time, depending on the age of their guests and size of their party. All our packages include a private room for the entire length of the party. (No shuffling you in and out here!) While we’re on the subject of choices, we understand that when kids gotta go, they gotta go. That’s why they’ll have their choice of restrooms conveniently located all over the park.

Freedom: Parents have the freedom to come in early and decorate with their very own theme. And they get the added freedom of not doing it alone–a dedicated party host will help! Having access to a party coordinator takes away much of the stress away of “party planning” that can sometimes turn planning a party into a nightmare. Our amazing party hosts are there to assist, host, and entertain from the beginning to the end.

The heart behind our unique birthday parties is wanting to provide a place where kids, parents and grandparents can enjoy celebrating a birthday party. There are many places that kids want to go to but don’t make the celebration as enjoyable for parents and grandparents, whether it’s because they’re overstimulating, chaotic, or unclean.

We want parents, grandparents and other family members to enjoy themselves, which is why we built our parent lounge complete with comfy couches and space to spread out (and even answer a few phone calls if needed). There are large windows providing full views of all the kids playing in the park. We also have a dedicated area for massage chairs, so parents can watch their kids and get pampered with a much-needed massage at the same time.

Since our grand opening in October of 2018, we spend every day working to improve our operational procedures to provide you and your family first-class customer service and an awesome event experience. If you’re interested in booking a birthday party or other event with us, contact our team at 770.229.7120.

We would love to treat you to the Ultimate Airborne Canton Event Experience!