Exercising is easy at Airborne Canton

Finding unique ways to unglue your children’s eyes from screens can be an exhausting task. With an abundance of TV’s, computers, iPhones, iPads, Xbox’s, PlayStation, and other technological devices lying around the house, it’s important to find new and creative ways to encourage your child to stay active. In addition to the numerous physical health benefits of physical exercise, regular aerobic exercise boosts the size of the hippocampus, the brain area involved in verbal memory and learning, according to Harvard Medical School research.

Thankfully, Airborne Canton’s 45,000 square feet of fun includes trampolines, a dodgeball court, an 18-foot mega ramp, a trapeze, a reaction wall, a log roll, and many other awesome features to keep your young ones active and healthy year-round.

Physical Activity for Everyone in Your Family

Airborne Canton truly offers something for kids of all ages with our abundance of scheduled events. If you’re worried about bringing your young children, Airborne Canton offers Toddler Time the first and third Friday of every month at 10 a.m. Homeschool Day is offered the third Friday of every month at noon which helps provide valuable Physical Education credits.

News updates and event information is always included on the “Events” tab of our website, so make sure to regularly check for new and exciting events. No matter the occasion, Airborne Canton offers a family-friendly and welcoming environment perfect for kiddos of all ages.

Healthy Eats and Treats at Airborne Canton

In addition to the variety of aerial adventure obstacles and fun events, Airborne Canton offers healthy and nutritious cuisine to properly fuel your children’s bodies for their trampoline adventure. Our menu of Purpose Snackery™ concessions includes fresh smashed avocado toast, autumn berry chicken salad toast, and even arugula salad. Feeling low on energy? Jolt yourself awake with our specialty coffee, the perfect solution to energize yourself for your aerial adventure. With our variety of healthy eats and craft food, there’s something nutritious for everyone on our menu! Check out the “Food Made to Order” section under the “Park Information” tab, for more information on our gourmet-quality and always made to order menu!

With all of the health benefits that Airborne Canton has to offer, it’s a no-brainer to bring the kids along for a fun and challenging workout. No matter the skill level of your jumper, Airborne Canton offers great challenges for toddlers to teenagers.

Promote #EyesUpScreenDown behavior by getting your kids off of their screens, and bringing them to Airborne Canton for all-around family fun! Visit our website to see scheduling info, special calendar days, and get answers to your most frequently asked questions. And, most importantly, sign waivers online ahead of time so you can arrive at the park and get to jumping!

Come join us for an action-packed day of jumping, eating, and adventure!

Spend summer at Airborne Canton

Anyone trying to entertain a family during the summer break knows: summertime fun is in the eye of the beholder. For every sports enthusiast who can’t wait to get active, there’s an a/c addict who just wants to stay inside. Believe it or not, you can satisfy all the members of your family this summer at Airborne Canton! Get out of the heat and into something cool and refreshing that isn’t a mall or movie theater…get active indoors this summer!

Need some convincing that jumping through the air is how to spend your summer vacation? Here are 10 Reasons to spend your summer at Airborne Canton:

1.) Fun! The number one reason to spend your summer days at Airborne…it’s just so much fun! Airborne is a truly unique experience for your family…nowhere else will you find an indoor Trampoline & Adventure Park on the scale of Airborne.

2.) The Flight Pass – You can save money and keep the family entertained all summer long with flight passes. An Airborne Flight Pass is available as either a 30-day pass for $60 or a 90-day pass for $150. Both passes are for one 60-minute jump time per day. Each pass is valid for either 30 or 90 days. They beat a boring, old membership to your neighborhood pool any time!

3.) No bugs – That’s right. It might sound silly, but to some of us, that’s a big selling point. No bugs. One of the greatest advantages to not being outdoors is to not have to be around gnats, mosquitos, bees and the like. Do you know what the other advantage of not being outside in the summertime is?

4.) A/C –  It’s air conditioning. The modern invention that saved the south, we keep Airborne at a nice cool temperature 24/7 for you to leap around in comfort. Seriously, if it isn’t 1,000 degrees outside, then it’s raining. So either way, you’re going to want to play inside a lot this summer.

5.) Cleanliness – we’re very proud of the recent review we received: “doesn’t smell like a sweat sock”. We take a lot of pride in how clean our facilities are! You’ll feel super safe letting the family jump, run, and dive around our very sterile facilities.

6.) Energy – Get it out! Drain your kids of all their seemingly-endless amounts of energy by turning them loose inside our adventure park. Our Toddler Times are also available to wear those little ones out, too!

7.) Quiet Parent Lounge – This one ties into the one above. Imagine: your kids are getting their energy zapped while you relax in a totally quiet parents’ lounge. If you need a break from all the noise, go ahead, enjoy the silence. You’ve earned it this summer.

8.) Work, work, work – OR if you’re that other type of parent, you’ll bring your laptop and get some work done on our free Wi-fi while the kids play.

9.) Cool treats – treat everybody to some frozen yogurt, gelato, italian ice, or other goodies from Purpose Snackery.

10.) The perfect summer party – does someone in your family have that most epic and special of events…a summertime birthday? It can be so hard to find the best way to spend a summertime birthday, but hosting your party at Airborne will make it everyone’s favorite event of the season.

Summer hours are almost here and start Memorial Day weekend! Here’s a quick look at all the days you can come jump and play. 

Memorial Day: Open 10am-7pm

5/28 & 5/29: Regular school hours – 3pm-7pm

5/30: NEW Park Hours Start:

  • Monday                CLOSED (except for Holidays)
  • Tuesday                10am-7pm
  • Wednesday        10am-7pm
  • Thursday             10am-7pm
  • Friday                    10am-9pm
  • Saturday             10am-9pm
  • Sunday                 1pm-7pm

Head to Airborne Canton and get ready to spend the summer having fun and being active…indoors!

Airborne Canton Jump to Serve Program

Georgia’s largest trampoline and Trampoline & Adventure Park strives to support local organizations.

Looking for new ways to stay active and have fun? Wondering how you can give back to your community with limited time and money to spend? Airborne Canton’s Jump to Serve program is going to pair those two goals. We’ll soon be your new, favorite way to give back and have fun at the same time.

Each month, our team selects and partners with an organization committed to bettering the lives within our local community or around the globe. Airborne will donate a percentage of the profits each month to the chosen organization.

We have two goals with Jump To Serve. First, we want to share what we have been blessed with and it is so important to help others in the community succeed. Often times these organizations rely on donations, grants, and fundraising to operate. Second, we want to inform our customers and community about these organizations and how they can partner, volunteer, or contribute to their missions. Much of the work being done is difficult and challenging, but also very rewarding. We might encourage someone to do great things in the service of others!

The Jump to SERVE program is a special program that has been on our hearts since before the park even opened. We can’t begin to explain how appreciative we are of how each organization selflessly serves this community. We love this community and how effortlessly it comes together to support those in need.

There have been two successful Jump to Serve months so far in 2019:

Goshen Valley – March was the first Jump to Serve month and Goshen Valley was our first organization. At Goshen Homes, they believe siblings are better together. They recruit, train, license, and support foster families working with sibling groups in and around Cherokee County. Goshen Homes is currently seeking new foster families willing to work with sibling groups to meet the rising needs of foster children in this community. The donated by Jump to Serve went to help Goshen fund the recruitment, training, and licensing of new foster families in order to meet the needs of more vulnerable sibling groups in foster care. We’re thrilled we could support them!

Cherokee Family Violence Center – April’s Jump to Serve organization envisions a world where intimate partner violence is a distant memory and healthy relationships prosper. The Cherokee Family Violence Center (CFVC) enhances the safety of those impacted by intimate partner violence through services that empower victims while advocating for a community standard of zero tolerance for violence in the home. There are several ways you can support CFVC and also several ways you can turn to them for help if you need it, including a 24-hour crisis hotline. We’re honored to support such an important cause.

We’ll keep you updated on Airborne’s Facebook page as to who May’s partner is going to be. Until then, come Jump To Serve!

Zenit Gymnastics, Canton GA

Airborne Canton is pleased to announce that we’ve opened part of our park up to Zenit Gymnastics out of Canton! Zenit moved out of their old location just up the street and into an enormous expanded space inside our facility. They officially started offering classes the first week of April!

A Little More About Zenit

Zenit offers the very best in recreational and competitive gymnastics. Their classes focus on coordination, muscle strength, motor skills and proper technique. They strive to improve the physical fitness of every child in our program and serve the needs of our community. They offer classes for gymnasts ages 18 months through high school and adults at all skill levels.

Zenit strives to improve the physical fitness of every child in their program. With a variety of recreational classes including preschool, tumbling, cheer tumble, Gymstar team and pre-team, and summer camp opportunities for both boys and girls, they offer the best in recreational gymnastics.

Preschool and homeschool classes are scheduled in the morning and school-age classes and team classes are in the afternoon. Their classes are open enrollment, so gymnasts can sign up for a class at any time.

Airborne Canton and Zenit Gymnastics Summer Gymnastics Camp 

In addition to having the Zenit team located inside the Airborne facility, we’re also excited to share that this summer, we’re partnering to bring summer campers the opportunity to play in the gym and jump on the trampolines!

Zenit’s Summer Camp will run from May 29th through July 28th, offering different games, obstacles, projects and crafts each week. These experiences are designed to challenge and push your child to try new things, explore their world, and test their abilities. There will be individual challenges as well as the chance to compete as part of a team. During Camp each day, your child will participate in scheduled, planned gymnastics with fantastic instruction.Zenit’s Summer Camp is fun and flexible and offers options to send your child for one week, one day every week, or any other schedule that suits your needs. For more information about class times, days and pricing, please visit their Summer Camp page on their site.

Airborne Extra: Children signed up for Zenit’s summer camp are offered the option to purchase 1-hour Airborne jump passes at a discounted price of $10 with choice of morning, afternoon, or both. Jump times are 10am – 11am and 2pm -3pm.

Be sure you sign up early to ensure a spot! 

Zenit Gymnastics, Canton GA

About Zenit Gymnastics Owners Michael and Elena Bereznev

Zenit Gymnastics is owned and directed by a husband and wife coaching team Michael and Elena Bereznev. Both Coach Michael and Elena spent fourteen years as elite gymnasts in Russia before starting their coaching careers. They are graduates of PF. Lesgaft University of Physical Culture and Sport Science in St. Petersburg, Russia. Between 1994-1999, Michael coached the Malaysian National Team. He has also coached a World Cup medalist, and at SKA (Sports Army club), as well as National School of Olympic Trainees, both of which are located in St. Petersburg. Michael and Elena have coached gymnasts who have placed in multiple girls’ and boys’ state, regional, and national championships.

We are so excited to invite Zenit into the Airborne Canton space and offer more ways to get active! Follow along on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about their class offerings and schedule, or visit their website for even more information.