We’re so thrilled to announce that Airborne Canton was featured in Atlanta Parent Magazine’s September 2019 issue as a top place to host your child’s birthday party!

In case you missed it, here’s the full feature, conveniently located right here on our blog!

Why should parents choose you over other Atlanta party businesses? 

Airborne Canton is owned by parents who have attended many children’s birthday parties and other celebrations. Our focus is geared toward offering customers a first-class experience where they want to jump, play, and celebrate with their children!

If you are looking for the best all-around experience for your child’s next birthday party, look no further than Airborne Canton to fulfill your expectations. With numerous activities to choose from in our indoor-trampoline park, Airborne Canton is the perfect destination for birthdays, sports banquets, youth groups, and team building events.

Parents, we want you to enjoy yourself as much as the kids are. We serve you and your child, and we don’t want you to lift a finger if you don’t want to! Airborne is there to do it all.

What do party packages include? 

When you book an event with us, you receive a private room that is all yours for the entire time of your party. We have a drop off area where we help you unload your car, VIP parking, delicious food and drinks, premium quality gifts and one free jump pass for the birthday child!

Do you have party hosts/ what do you provide as far as set up? 

To help parents feel like the true VIP that we believe they are, a dedicated host will be there to assist you from start to finish. We provide a clean room for you and your guests. Our packages include your choice of drink, pizza snack cups from Purpose Snackery, and all paper products. Guests are free to decorate the room and the tables to their liking. We also encourage you to bring your own cake or sweet treat.

Any cool extras parents need to know about? 

  • Not all trampoline parks surmount to change, but at Airborne Canton, we are continuously discovering ways to bring new and exciting additions to our park! Airborne Canton contains 60,000 square feet of fun, exhilarating space to jump, play, and let loose!
  • We understand how important food selections can be to parents, and we made a conscious effort to provide high-quality food, drinks, and desserts to our guests to ensure that parents and adults genuinely enjoy themselves, even if they don’t jump. Check out our restaurant, Purpose Snackery, for their full menu!
  • Airborne offers a quiet, peaceful parent lounge, along with massage chairs and a bonus of nitro infused coffee. We fully understand the stressful days that parents have, and our goal is to give you the break you deserve, along with the opportunity to play and connect with your child like you never thought you could. At Airborne, we want the kids to have the time of their lives, but we also put as much focus on the parents, because well…we deserve to have fun too, right?
  • We understand the concern of park cleanliness for many people and as a part of our park policy, we ensure that keeping our trampolines and other park equipment clean is a top priority. We want to hear you say, “This is the cleanest trampoline park I’ve ever seen!”

Airborne FIT:

Airborne FIT is a high intensity, low impact workout on the trampoline surface that challenges your BODY physically, while nurturing your SOUL mentally. Airborne FIT provides an opportunity for a different kind of workout. Offering a fresh take on working out, connect with the community within the Airborne FIT team, and have the opportunity to link up with your own accountability partner (because we all need someone to help us out). Airborne FIT classes are offered Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings but will hopefully be expanding to nights and weekends very soon!

Special Events: 

In addition to regular open-park times and hours, Airborne is dedicated to hosting special events for kids and teens of all ages and interests, including School Spirit Nights, Toddler Times, and Teen Nights. We are always looking for ways to connect with the community. We strive to be your GO TO destination for adventure and connection.


Community is extremely important to the mission and values of Airborne Canton. Each and every month, we have a different local organization that we partner with in our Jump to Serve initiative, a program where a portion of that month’s proceeds give back to that organization.

The entire team at Airborne Canton could not be more thrilled about being featured in Atlanta Parent Magazine. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe clean place for you and your children to come enjoy moments together. We can’t wait to see you at the park again soon!

Kids Birthday Parties at Airborne Canton

Birthday parties are a pretty big deal. You want to invite ALL of your friends (yes, even the girl you met just yesterday who is now your BFF), you want to have the BEST cake, you want to have it at the COOLEST place (Airborne Canton), and you want your theme to be FUN and AWESOME.

As a parent, we know that you want whatever your kid wants, and you want to make sure that they have a fun and memorable birthday party. Deciding where to have it, what food and drinks to have, and what theme the party is going to be are all the biggest factors of the birthday party! You have the location, the food and drinks taken care of, but many times, coming up with the perfect theme that the kiddos want and moms and dads can actually put together can be a challenge.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular birthday party characters and theme ideas to celebrate your child’s next big birthday bash!

  • Minions

From the movie, Despicable Me, Minions are the signature characters and are the next best thing for a birthday party themed idea. The wide-eyed, adolescent innocence that these characters possess are one of the many reasons people go BA-NA-NA’s for them!

  • Avengers

HULK SMASH up your next party theme idea with Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers characters as your guests dress up as their favorite superhero for the party! An Avengers party themed idea is perfect for young boys AND girls! Captain Marvel is a true superhero too!

  • Pokémon

Pokémon, I choose YOU to be my child’s next birthday party theme! With the newly released movie, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Pokémon party theme ideas are becoming a hit! Whether you’re creating your own Pokéball or pinning the tail on Pikachu, your child’s Pokémon themed party is bound to be a success!

  • Moana

What can we say except YOU’RE WELCOME to have Moana as your child’s next party theme idea! Beautiful hibiscus flowers, to luau skirts, to a chicken and a pig will help pull off the perfect Moana birthday party!

  • Wonder Woman

If no one else will defend the world, then let your daughter do it with Wonder Woman as her next birthday party theme! In addition to having a superhero party for boys, girls can be superheroes too as Wonder Woman! Who runs the world? GIRLS!

  • Emoji

Are you curious, excited, nervous, or happy to see how your child’s next birthday party theme turns out? With an EMOJI party, you and your guests are bound to be full of emotions! Whether you bring your heart eyes, your cool sunglasses look, your crying laughing face, or your cheesy smile look, make sure your child has an awesome time at their next Emoji themed party!

  • Trolls

Put your HAIR UP for this next idea! Grumpy trolls or happy trolls are all welcome as you have Trolls as the next birthday party theme for your child. Get your troll hair ready for this one (which won’t be an issue when you’re jumping on our trampolines!)

  • Frozen

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER you can have Frozen as your child’s birthday party theme! With Frozen 2 hitting theatres soon, your child can be ahead of the game with a Frozen themed party! LET IT GO and let it be Frozen for the next birthday party theme!

Love the classics? Here are a few tried-and-true party themes that never go out of style.

  • Princesses

Every girl deserves to feel like a princess from time to time, and the best time to feel like one is at your own birthday party! Let your daughter live happily ever after with Princesses as her next birthday party theme!

  • Sports

You’ll definitely SCORE big time with your kid when you give them a Sports theme for their next birthday party! Football, basketball, soccer, baseball, you name it! A plus with having a sports theme party at Airborne is sports games that we have in the trampoline park!

  • Pirates

AHOY!!! Set sail on your child’s next big birthday party adventure with a Pirates theme! Bring your eye patch, parrot, and treasure chest of gold to this next Pirate birthday party, savvy?

  • Mermaid

You MER-MAID for this next birthday party themed idea! A mermaid celebration is exactly what every girl desires! Grab your tail fin and go under the sea for these next Mermaid birthday party idea creations!

  • Circus

Stop clownin’ around and plan your child’s next birthday as a Circus themed party! Come one, come all to the next biggest Circus birthday party to come to Airborne! Who needs trapeze artists, when you can be a trampoline artist!


Give us a call to schedule to celebrate you child’s next mini milestone with us!

tips on your Airborne Canton visit

The summer is flying by here at Airborne Canton! It’s hard to believe kiddos in metro Atlanta will be heading back to school in just a few short weeks. We’ve had so much fun watching you have fun over the last few months, and we can’t wait to share some of the new and exciting things we have in store!

Before school starts back up full-time, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips on making the absolute most out of your visit! Here are five top tips for having an unforgettable day here at Airborne Canton!

Save Time & Reserve Tickets Online

Want to get every minute out of your scheduled jump time? The best way to do that is to fill out our online waivers online ahead of time! Our waivers are good for one year after you sign them. Just visit our home page and click on the waiver tab!

Wear the Right Clothes

When coming to spend the day at Airborne, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes! Jeans aren’t permitted on the trampolines, so we ask that all park guests dress in soft clothing that’s free of metal or sharp edges. You’ll also need Airborne jump socks–required for all jumpers. Socks from other parks can be traded in for brand new Airborne socks at no cost!


When you’re jumping, flipping, swinging and dodging dodgeballs, it’s important to stay hydrated! We have plenty of options to help you do just that. Bottled water, gatorade, and other drinks can be purchased at our drink machines and at Purpose Snackery. Water fountains are located strategically all over the park in case you need to quench your thirst and cool down.

Eat Power-Packed Foods

Speaking of Purpose Snackery, their delicious, gourmet-quality food choices will help fuel your fun! A variety of snack cups, ingredient-packed snack toasts and salads are better-for-you choices that you can feel good about serving to both your kiddos and yourself. And when you want to sneak a sweet treat, they have those, too!

Bring Friends

Trampolines are more fun with friends! Whether you bring one, two, or a whole bunch, jumping and playing with friends can amplify your trip to Airborne. (And if you are coming with a group, call and ask us about our group rates!) Challenge a friend to dodge ball, our battle beam, or see just how many flips you can do in a row. It’s friend-focused exercise!

With 10,000 square feet of trampolines, airbag landing zones, a dunk zone, dodgeball and more, we’re excited to share that we’re working on even more attractions in the park that are sure to offer something for everyone. (Including our very own warped wall!)

We strive to be the go-to place in Cherokee County for friends and fun. If you haven’t ventured to Airborne Canton yet, we hope you’ll come pay us a visit soon!

And if you’re a regular, we can’t wait to see you at the park!

sports team parties at Airborne Canton

At Airborne Canton, we offer North Metro-Atlanta’s best end-of-season team party package. Save the hassle of planning out your own end-of-season party, and bring the whole team along for an action-packed day of jumping and celebration at Airborne Canton.

Our Team Party Package is pre-planned for all of you busy team parents out there. Airborne Canton has thought of it all and our Flight Team Members are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to provide your team with a memorable experience that allows you the time to truly be in the present moment celebrating your accomplishments of the season.

Airborne Canton has had the pleasure of hosting all kinds of teams from baseball to cheerleading, tennis to lacrosse, but we have found that these groups and teams needed something different from what our standard birthday party package provided. Airborne’s team party packages do not include food, but they offer more jump time. The team gets a 90 minute jump time which is not offered in the birthday party packages. You are more than welcome to bring in a sweet treat or purchase one from our preferred bakery, Holy Cannoli Cakery. We will provide the paper products for you. After your jump time is over, you will have plenty of time for trophy presentations and closing remarks. Plus, you will have the space to enjoy your own private room where you are welcome to take pictures, hang out as a team, and enjoy each others company!

Airborne Canton’s Team Party Package is an Amazing Aerial Adventure Experience

Our team party package includes:

  • A private party room
  • A dedicated party host
  • 90 minutes of jump time
  • 10 pairs of Airborne jump socks
  • 10 Gatorades or waters

No matter the outcome of the season, there is always something to celebrate at the culmination of another season of hard work. End-of-season parties are an expected tradition for any sports team. We know how important end-of-season parties are, and we hope you contact us here at Airborne Canton for all of your team party needs.

Team Kickoff Parties, Handled

Looking for a fun place to kick off the new season? Whether you’re celebrating the start of football, basketball, or any other team sport, kickoff parties are a breeze here at Airborne Canton. Especially with the start of a new school year, busy parents can trust our dedicated party hosts to take care of all your party needs.

Ready to Book Yours? Choose from our two options: