Choose Airborne Canton For Your Next Event!

Wondering where to host a birthday party for your kid? An adventure park like Airborne Canton is a great option if you’re hosting a children’s birthday party.

If you’ve been wondering “where can I host my birthday party in Georgia?” look no further than Airborne Canton. Here are just 3 reasons why you should choose us for your child’s event.

1. Plenty Of Fun Attractions For Kids Of All Ages

We’re Georgia’s largest trampoline and adventure park – with a Ninja Wall, trapeze, log roll, dodge ball, a “dunk zone”, indoor soccer, 10,000 square feet of trampoline features and so much more. Kids of all ages will be sure to love the fun, unique experience they’ll get at our adventure park, and adults can get in on the fun, or relax in our quiet, peaceful lounge or private rooms.

2. Affordable Private Birthday Party Options

Wondering how to host a children’s birthday party on a budget? We have 8 private party rooms for birthdays and special events – and a number of different party packages for both weekends and weekdays. Choose the one that’s right for your schedule and your budget.

3. Choose To Bring Your Own Food Or Get On-Site Food

This is another reason that we’re one of the best places to host kid birthday parties. Our on-site Purpose Snackery offers plenty of delicious food for all of your attendees, and we offer Snack Cups with every birthday reservation. However, you can also bring your own food like cakes, chips, and other snacks to meet any special dietary needs or preferences that your child or their friends may have.

Come To Airborne Canton For Your Child’s Birthday Party!

Wondering how to host a surprise birthday party that your child will never forget? Our facility is one of the best places to host a birthday party in GA. So stop looking for hosting birthday party ideas, or wondering “where can I host a birthday party in Georgia?” Call us now, and reserve a spot for your child and their friends.

Amazing Birthday Parties

Create Amazing Birthday Parties at Georgia’s Largest Trampoline and Adventure Park

Is the little one having a birthday soon? Then we’re sure you need some amazing and fun birthday party ideas. Not to worry, we can help. At Airborne Canton, we’re in the business of creating birthday parties both for kids and teens, and we’re happy to share our insights with you right now!

Here are the essential birthday party tips you need to know:

Make a Budget

First, figure out how much money you can really spend on a birthday party. From there, everything else will fall into place too, the place you can rent for a birthday party, the number of kids you can invite, and even what kind of activities you can prepare. At Airborne Canton, we have party ideas for budgets big and small, so you can call us anytime!

Themed PartiesChoose a Theme

Kids love a good theme, and parents love a theme as well. It can keep the kids engaged and ensure that everyone’s having a good time and not pulling on your sleeve because they want to go home. Of course, choosing the theme itself is often the easy part – just pick something your kid loves like a superhero theme or pirates on a ship. But when it comes to bringing that theme to life, the Airborne Canton team can make it happen.

Send the Invites and Ask for RSVPs

You should send out the invites to the birthday party at least three weeks in advance and ask the invitees (or, more specifically their parents) to RSVP. It’s not a problem if 1-2 children don’t show up, but if more than that doesn’t, the party may be affected. Plus, you’ll have paid for extra food for nothing.

Don’t Stress About the Food

Kids are picky eaters, so for a birthday party, you should focus on the snacks and treat any child loves, like some mac & cheese and cookies. There’s no point in stressing out too much about the food. The only thing you need to do is verify if any of the kids have an allergy so we can help accommodate them.

Add Some Gift Bags

Leave your guests with great memories of the party, and something nice to take come! We can help you choose budget-friendly party gifts everyone will love.

Back to You

Your child deserves to spend their birthday at the most awesome place on Earth: Airborne Canton. Get in touch now!

have your youth group outings at Airborne in Canton, Georgia

No matter the season, weather, or temperature outside…it’s always perfect inside at Airborne Canton Trampoline Park. We know, finding activities to do with your kids can be daunting, and finding group activities for kids can be even worse. As a fun-filled opportunity for youth groups, Airborne Canton is the best choice for an unforgettable indoor adventure. 

Skip the all-night lock-ins and the carwash sunburns… We’ve got your group covered for highly engaging, active adventures perfectly tailored for tweens, teens and young adults. And again, you never have to worry about the elements because it’s all inside, in a climate-controlled environment.

Here are the top benefits of choosing Airborne Canton for your next youth group event:

Heart-Pumping, Metabolism-Boosting Exercise

Kids like to move! You should encourage that and let them get that heart rate up and metabolism moving–the health benefits abound when you’re having fun by being active. Adults along for the ride can also greatly benefit. You’ll get a boost to your core strength, coordination, reaction time, confidence, etc. all while learning to…

Reach New Heights in a Variety of Ways

Airborne isn’t only about jumping on trampolines…it’s about extreme dodgeball, basketball, warped wall, the high dive… there are tons of awesome additional games and fun obstacles built right into Airborne’s indoor park. If you’re looking for unique ways to drain energy, your group of young people will tire themselves out with all of our park features and extra space to run wild. 

Team-Building Opportunities

Best friends are so important to young people and camaraderie happens naturally here. If your goal for this outing is team-building, Airborne is the perfect place. Jumping around in the air together will create and strengthen friendships within your youth group as it builds a sense of community–trust us, we’ve seen it happen!

Perfect Place for a Party

At Airborne, we’re already prepared to host your youth group celebration or birthday party. We’ve got the space (8 private party rooms!) and a highly trained Flight Team to pull it all off. Book a party now and you’ll see why we’re a unique and memory making party venue that everyone loves. 

Weather Isn’t a Worry

Georgia weather is never predictable! Outdoor events have a tendency to get rained out. Recently, heat advisories have kept kids indoors, even at recess. But Airborne is always available for you to have an active, good time. Hot, cold, rain or shine, we’re open and want to host your outdoor adventure…on the inside! And we have so much space that we have even been able to accommodate last minute requests due to your canceled plans!

You’re Not Bothering Anyone

Even if you love having the youth group over to your big backyard for kickball, your crotchety old neighbor might not appreciate the noise. You run into the same problems in public parks and spaces… large groups of young people tend to dominate a space and annoy others. You don’t have to worry about that at Airborne! You’re not bothering anyone! We welcome your noise! And we even do the cleanup! 

We Offer Something for Everyone

Airborne’s mission is to get everyone up and in the air, having a good time and being active. With that in mind, we have cultivated experiences for anyone who might want to enjoy our facilities. We’re great at meeting the needs of diverse groups, with multiple activities, in an inclusive environment, and with no actual athleticism needed to have a good time!

It’s Just Fun!

Honestly, at the end of the day, Airborne Canton Trampoline & Adventure Park is just plain fun. If you come by once and take advantage of the air, you’ll be hooked. Young people report Airborne as their favorite spot for youth group activities, birthday parties, and events. You’ll see why! 

Ready to book your youth group event? Learn more about our group events by visiting here or emailing

We’re so thrilled to announce that Airborne Canton was featured in Atlanta Parent Magazine’s September 2019 issue as a top place to host your child’s birthday party!

In case you missed it, here’s the full feature, conveniently located right here on our blog!

Why should parents choose you over other Atlanta party businesses? 

Airborne Canton is owned by parents who have attended many children’s birthday parties and other celebrations. Our focus is geared toward offering customers a first-class experience where they want to jump, play, and celebrate with their children!

If you are looking for the best all-around experience for your child’s next birthday party, look no further than Airborne Canton to fulfill your expectations. With numerous activities to choose from in our indoor-trampoline park, Airborne Canton is the perfect destination for birthdays, sports banquets, youth groups, and team building events.

Parents, we want you to enjoy yourself as much as the kids are. We serve you and your child, and we don’t want you to lift a finger if you don’t want to! Airborne is there to do it all.

What do party packages include? 

When you book an event with us, you receive a private room that is all yours for the entire time of your party. We have a drop off area where we help you unload your car, VIP parking, delicious food and drinks, premium quality gifts and one free jump pass for the birthday child!

Do you have party hosts/ what do you provide as far as set up? 

To help parents feel like the true VIP that we believe they are, a dedicated host will be there to assist you from start to finish. We provide a clean room for you and your guests. Our packages include your choice of drink, pizza snack cups from Purpose Snackery, and all paper products. Guests are free to decorate the room and the tables to their liking. We also encourage you to bring your own cake or sweet treat.

Any cool extras parents need to know about? 

  • Not all trampoline parks surmount to change, but at Airborne Canton, we are continuously discovering ways to bring new and exciting additions to our park! Airborne Canton contains 60,000 square feet of fun, exhilarating space to jump, play, and let loose!
  • We understand how important food selections can be to parents, and we made a conscious effort to provide high-quality food, drinks, and desserts to our guests to ensure that parents and adults genuinely enjoy themselves, even if they don’t jump. Check out our restaurant, Purpose Snackery, for their full menu!
  • Airborne offers a quiet, peaceful parent lounge, along with massage chairs and a bonus of nitro infused coffee. We fully understand the stressful days that parents have, and our goal is to give you the break you deserve, along with the opportunity to play and connect with your child like you never thought you could. At Airborne, we want the kids to have the time of their lives, but we also put as much focus on the parents, because well…we deserve to have fun too, right?
  • We understand the concern of park cleanliness for many people and as a part of our park policy, we ensure that keeping our trampolines and other park equipment clean is a top priority. We want to hear you say, “This is the cleanest trampoline park I’ve ever seen!”

Airborne FIT:

Airborne FIT is a high intensity, low impact workout on the trampoline surface that challenges your BODY physically, while nurturing your SOUL mentally. Airborne FIT provides an opportunity for a different kind of workout. Offering a fresh take on working out, connect with the community within the Airborne FIT team, and have the opportunity to link up with your own accountability partner (because we all need someone to help us out). Airborne FIT classes are offered Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings but will hopefully be expanding to nights and weekends very soon!

Special Events: 

In addition to regular open-park times and hours, Airborne is dedicated to hosting special events for kids and teens of all ages and interests, including School Spirit Nights, Toddler Times, and Teen Nights. We are always looking for ways to connect with the community. We strive to be your GO TO destination for adventure and connection.


Community is extremely important to the mission and values of Airborne Canton. Each and every month, we have a different local organization that we partner with in our Jump to Serve initiative, a program where a portion of that month’s proceeds give back to that organization.

The entire team at Airborne Canton could not be more thrilled about being featured in Atlanta Parent Magazine. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe clean place for you and your children to come enjoy moments together. We can’t wait to see you at the park again soon!