Airborne Canton started out as a bold idea to open a trampoline park, but that morphed into an ambitious dream to bring 60,000 square feet of fun and Georgia’s largest Trampoline & Adventure Park to Canton and Cherokee County.  “Aerial Adventure” means more than just trampolines  - besides the trapeze, reaction wall, log roll and other awesome features, we have partnered with Cherokee Impact Soccer, North Georgia Aerials, Strive Fitness, and Zenit Gymnastics to provide with you a one stop shop for all things ACTIVE!  We are not an investment firm or absentee owners, in the business only to turn a profit.  This park is for you, Georgia, and we are working tirelessly to make it the best park in the state, and one of the top parks in the country.

Our heart behind almost two years of prayer, preparation and planning is for our community. We knew you needed a place to go for adventure, recreation and family-friendly fun.  We are parents too, and we know you need a break with some peace and quiet. Our parent lounge has been tailored to fit the needs of moms, dads, and those that need a quiet place to work or decompress while the kids play.  We also know that your life is busy, and budgets are tight, so we are providing delicious, healthy food from Purpose Snackery.

Lastly, please know we are always working to improve our operational procedures to provide you with first-class customer service and an awesome event experience for you and your children. We are constantly training our Flight Team to meet the Airborne Canton standard. Believe us, that standard is very high.  We want to provide you with an incredible experience, and with the people we have on our team so far, we believe that we will!  We have YOU in mind regarding everything we do, and we look forward to constantly refining our processes to make Airborne Canton one of the best Trampoline & Adventure Parks in the nation.  We also plan to unveil new features as we grow, so you will never tire of us.  We can’t wait to see you come through our doors and make memories at a place that has already blessed us so much.

Photo Credit: @haydencatephotography


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